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Innovative fissure detection for building monitoring

March 2020

A new print design has been specifically developed for the monitoring of buildings, pilons and structures in general. This innovative design will allow the real-time on-line monitoring of structures and raise an alarm on the first sign of cracks to the building.

First pre-production prototype of the electronics

January 2020

The first pre-production of the electronic monitoring system has been received and long-term static testing of the system commenced. Results were positive and further enhancements are planned to the system prior to the final production system.



Crack detection testing

18 September 2019

TÜV SÜD was commissioned to carry out further test on the system, this time focusing on crack breach detection. From the tests carried out incipient cracking can be detected without fail by the proposed system.

Executive comment:
Once again the system has performed exceptionally. These results set the stage for a completely new range of applications that can be monitored. Further design developments will be implemented to explore this range further.

First official tests

11 October 2018

TÜV SÜD tested the first prototype of the electronic defect detection system and concluded that the tested system can immediately detect test holes that simulate a leak in the system as well as liquid exposure to high octane fuels, ethanol and water.

Executive comment:
M3S is delighted with these results.  This demonstrates the future potential of the technology being developed.

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